Reviewed by Susan Pfeifer, Associate Professor, Valley City State University

Comprehensiveness rating: 4

The textbook is very comprehensive and covers all aspects of web development including possible technologies needed to make it work. High level content is provided in all areas with recommended resources available to those who want to learn more detail about each topic.

Accuracy rating: 4

The textbook seems accurate and provides information regarding a variety of technologies.

Relevance/Longevity rating: 4

The historical and generic chapters are grouped together separately from the technology specific chapters. This would allow updates to the technical chapters without impacting the entire book.

Clarity rating: 4

The textbook is written in a very laid-back manner but gets to the point of what is needed. Terminology is defined.

Consistency rating: 4

The text is consistent in the amount of information and level of detail provided through the book.

Modularity rating: 4

Professors could easily use this textbook in a modular fashion by pulling chapters as needed to fit the context of the course.

Organization/Structure/Flow rating: 4

This would be a difficult book to read from front to back. However, in the context of an academic course, it provides great flexibility to the professor to structure a course in a manner that teaches the appropriate concepts to students, and uses this textbook as reference material or supporting reading. It can be used as reference similarly to online resources and provides students with one place to look for this content.

Interface rating: 4

The PDF version was very portable to various devices and allowed note taking and review of comments.

Grammatical Errors rating: 4

There were no significant grammatical errors noted.

Cultural Relevance rating: 4

The book focuses greatly on technology leaving little room for insensitive interpretations. The database examples use artist and musical industry examples with a fairly diverse variety in musical selections. If anything, the musical selections are older and may be less engaging to current undergrads.


I would use this textbook as a reference book while teaching students concepts in web development. This would allow me to structure my course in a way that makes sense for my students and still provides some content to support the learning in the context needed. I like the flexibility this book provides to professors to use what is needed. There are also questions and examples that may be useful. I could also see this textbook used for students with advanced web development knowledge to complete a final project or capstone experience course.